How To Safely Shift Homes During Covid-19

Moving to a new house is always fun and exciting, But under such difficult circumstances like COVID-19, shifting homes and relocation can be a cause of concern. utmost care must be taken to evade the spread of the infection.

Make sure you ask your Professional Moving Company what measures they are taking to ensure a safe move experience during the COVID-19 outbreak. Most reputable movers understand the safety of you and your belongings is critical during any move. However, when it comes to your safety and health, it’s imperative the moving company you choose demonstrates considerable vigilance at this time.

Safely Shift Homes During Covid-19 all Necessary Steps are Followed to be as Safe as Possible.

Go Digital:

Try completing most of the procedures digitally like: Inquiries about Professional Packers and Movers, Payment, Paperwork and more things. Avoid coming in physical contact with too many people and carry out most of your meetings through phone calls. Clear out any doubts you have and ask for all the terms and conditions to be sent to you digitally. 

Clean and Disinfect Home:

Ensure that the new place you’re moving to is thoroughly disinfected and proper sanitation measures are followed. After shifting the one place to another place, you should also sanitise the potential threat areas in your house such as doorknobs, doors, windows, tables, kitchen slabs, furniture, lights and switches, among others. Clean and disinfect the home to render a risk-free environment to professionals. Also, request the service providers to wash their hands frequently until the shifting process is complete.

Spray Disinfectant on your Boxes: 

Spray disinfectant on all your boxes before you load them on the pickup truck, after, and after you finally take them off at your destination. This will help reduce the risk of contraction through surfaces.

Maintain Distance:

Maintain a minimum of six-feet distance with the workers while packing, loading, and unloading process. Wear masks, gloves, and face shields, throughout the shifting process and regularly wash your hands.

 Find Out Lockdown Rules in your Area:

Does the city you live in allow trucks to move during the day? Are there lockdown measures? Does your new home or old home fall under a containment zone? You can find all the information online on state government, municipality, or state police websites.

So, If you are worried about your own safety, and the safety of your loved ones during Covid-19, here we shared some tips and tricks, How To Safely Shift Homes During Covid-19 that may help to make the move easier and safer.